Digital Publishing

The Graphite digital catalogue is one of the first scholarly art publications of its kind for any museum. The Indianapolis Museum of Art selected TOKY to lead design and exploration of the iBook catalogue to support the temporary exhibition.

Working with the IMA, we created a wish list for desired functionality and content with the goal of innovating beyond the typical digital book. This was not to simply be a second print run of an existing catalogue – we started with a digital book in mind and custom content was created specifically for digital use. A great learning opportunity working with compelling subject matter, and an exciting dive into hopefully many more digital publication projects in the future.

Purchase this book for $4.99 from the Apple iBookstore. 

Agile Digital Publishing: Presentation of this project along with Kyle Jeabker and Rachel Craft from the Indianapolis Museum of Art at MCN Conference. Fall 2012, Seattle, WA.

Honorable mention in the Exhibition Catalogue category of the American Alliance of Museums’ 2014 Museum Publications Design Competition.

Designed at TOKY
Role: Creative Direction, Design, Information Architecture, Development.
Client: Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Additional credits:
Melissa Allen (Project Management)
Additional credits available via iBook download.